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The Company

Polinova S.A. is a Brazilian company specialized in manufacturing polymer products and realise technical services for protection and maintenance of industrial plants onshore and offshore, against corrosion, leaks, abrasive and structural damage. The differential of the company is innovation and customization of high performance products and services.



  • Polinova and Petrobras are discussing a partnership to develop an portfolio of coating and adhesives with nanotubes technology.
  • Polinova are seeking a investor or partner to reach big contracts in Brazil and to sell the products in others countries.


  • Protective coating
  • Epoxy putty and Cold weld
  • Structural adhesive
  • Composite to reinforcement pipes

Technical Services

Technical Services
  • Industrial paint
  • Services of adhesion with cold weld
  • Recovery of equipments with epoxy putty
  • Technical support in corrosion
  • R&D of polymer products
  • Service of structural reinforcement of pipes